happiest baby on the block, letters to stella


you should hear yourself laugh.  it’s not a laugh, it’s a guffaw.  it’s a cackle.  it’s infectious.  people stop in their tracks to look.  they smile.  your daddy smiles, he  looks so proud when he hears it.  i spend most of my day getting you to laugh.  anything to hear that noise.  your brother gets you to laugh easier and longer than anyone else.  usually you start laughing just when looking at him, if he gets close enough to touch then it’s all over.  peels of laughter. 

you rarely cry.  your face is always in a state of joy, your eyes bright, your lips ready at even given moment to break into a grin so big it seems like your face will break in two.


you haven’t been sleeping well.  up every couple hours.  part of me thinks you aren’t getting enough food, maybe we should start you on cereal.  but for some reason starting you on cereal scares me.  like it’s the beginning of the end of your babyhood.  once you begin eating from a spoon you begin the transition of growing up.  i want you to stay a baby.  you are so cute playing with your feet, your legs in the air.  grasping and mouthing toys.  giggling and rolling.  just stay that way.  i will miss snuggling with you at nights, laying you on my chest and feeling you relax and fall asleep.  when you wake you have the pacifier ring around your mouth.  it’s beyond adorable.  you have been the easiet baby, so happy and cheerful.  you are exactly what this family needed.


you say your mmm’s.  it’s so cute.  you sound like bob wiley at dinner.  “mmmm…..mmmmm”  you talk yourself to sleep.  i caved in and fed you cereal.  you don’t seem to like it.  though the other day you were in the jumper and lincoln was standing next to you eating a granola bar and i saw him breaking it into little pieces and giving it to you.  you were shoving it in your mouth and threw a fit when tootsie took it away, you slammed your arms down and yelled.  so i guess you like food, you just don’t like mush.  you’re smart. 

you love to blow spit bubbles and raspberries.  you act like you are going to crawl, raising up on your legs.  you pull yourself around the room to toys.   you love to hug and kiss.  tomorrow you will be 5 months.  i recently switched you to cloth diapers.  so far so good.


you started army crawling the other day.  i knew it wouldn’t be long til you were on the move.  you would lay there on your stomach and wiggle.  just itching to get moving.  lincoln would strategically place toys just out of your reach, i don’t think he knew that he was in the end helping you to move forward faster.  your aunti calls it the ‘caterpillar crawl’  your butt bobs up and down while you inch forward.  it seems so slow, but if i look away you are across the room in an instant.  i am very proud of you, for learning so fast and being so strong.  nothing seems to phase you, i wish i could learn that skill.  you inch forward, slow and steady.  as we grow older i think we forget how hard it was to move at first, we take our bodies for granted.  i can’t imagine the satisfaction and power you must feel by moving forward and finally grasping the toys you have been eyeing for months.  i wish we as adults would work that hard to achieve something, anything, in our lives.  very few adults would have the conviction to stick it out, inch by inch, sore knees and elbows.  congrats baby girl.


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