golden boy

today is your mini golden birthday.  you are 17 months today.  i remember the day i found out i was pregnant with you i had this overwhelming feeling of peace and fullness.  like everything finally made sense.  i knew you were going to be amazing, i just didn’t know how amazing you would be.  your uncle andy laughs at me and i am sure most people smile and nod when i tell them just how advanced you are.  but you are. 

today you grabbed a coffee cup off of poppa’s desk at work and walked over to tootsie’s coffee machine, put the cup under it, and pushed the button.  and then proceeded to lean there as if you were waiting for a cup of coffee.  every morning when we get to the store you wrestle out of the stroller straps and help me push the sign out front.  then you try to push the stroller to the back, point to the lights to tell me to turn them on, and motion to stella-so that i don’t forget her.  you spend a lot of time looking out for her.  if she fusses you bring her a pacifier.  if she appears lonely you bring her a toy, or 5.  you often bring her blankets and cover her up.  if she spits up you find the wipes and wipe her chin.  you spend a lot of time hugging her.  i pray that you will always care for her like this. 

if you spill something, you run and grab a towel to clean it.  you feed the cat.  you throw away garbage you find around the house.  you attempt to floss and clean your own ears.  you put on our shoes.  you bring me my purse when you want to go outside.  you rescue your own balls from under the bed with a hanger. 

you can handle stairs better than most adults, you scoot up and down them with an armful of balls.  you can throw a football in a perfect spiral across the room.  you dribble a basketball with your mouth open and tongue hanging out.  you kick, you run, you jump, you dance, you clap, you wiggle when hungry and squirm when annoyed.  you are 17 months old and you already have conquered life.  you walk with a confidence that is to be admired.  you run and fall as if indestructible.   your spirit is stronger than any i have ever seen.  you are a force.  you blow through the house, and people’s hearts with tenacity.  no one that meets you forgets you. 

one time your dad and you were in borders and someone stopped him and said, “I know that baby.” and your daddy goes, “what?!” and they said, ” i know that baby.  i’ve met that baby.  i like that baby.”  you make an impression on people.

sometimes i think i should reign you in.  i should get you to calm down.  or sit down.  or lay down.  but i don’t.  i feel like corralling you would be a sin.  you have to explore and live and discover.  free reign as your dad calls it, “lincoln always has free reign.”  i hope the next 17 years are as explosive as the first 17 months have been.

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