spring showers.

so it’s raining. again.  it’s been raining for two straight months and looks like it’s going on three.  i am sick of wet feet, wet baby heads, mold mold mold everywhere.  we need the sun to shine, to dry everything out and to make the world bloom. 

i am starting to feel slightly overwhelmed, the store is moving and soon.  i need to pack it, move it, display it, and advertise it.  i know that it will all fall into place, i have opened enough stores that i know a store with clothes on the ground the night before opening day will be shiny and sparkly by the time the doors open.  we signed the lease today.  it’s official.  we own the spot until 2015.  seems so far away.  it will be good to move.  moving is always a very cleansing act, like spring showers i suppose. 

the babies are behaving nicely, which helps me get tasks for the store done quicker.  lincoln has entered the ‘mine’ phase and informs me that everything is his.  stella? “mine, ” he says.  shampoo, his.  food, his.  my phone, for sure his.  i dropped five dollars the other day and he grabbed it instantly and mumbled “mine” as he ran off with it. 

stella is blossoming more and more everyday.  she shouts if lincoln plays too far away for her to join.  she scours the floors for any type of food and then bawls when it’s taken away.  i actually had to fish a chocolate chip out of her 5 month old month today.  she was very upset. 

i’m ready for spring.  i’m ready for the rains to stop.  for the cleansing to be done.  i have flower pots with dirt but no flowers.  outdoor table and chairs set up but to wet to sit on.  a life that feels like it is in limbo.  but i know that the rains will stop and the sun will come out and life will resume, at a faster pace than i would prefer.  the store will move and the kids will grow up and suddenly it will be 2015.  what happens then?  it will be spring then too.  and probably raining.     lincoln will be 7 (SEVEN!!) years old.  i can’t, don’t want to, imagine that.  stella will be six.  the thought of them growing older really saddens me.  i will cry the day we can’t spend all day together.  but i guess everything has to grow eventually. 

but the news of the day is the signed lease, the upcoming move, the tasks at hand.  we have a store to recreate.  mom and i are getting the keys friday and will map out the floor plan.  saturday will be spent packing and the next few weeks will be mindless details.  the thing is, no matter how much we stress about something, it will get done.  it will happen.  the day will come and go and soon be forgotten, or become a memory.  and even whether it’s a good or bad memory will eventually dim.  everything is relative and nothing is nearly as important as we make it.  except the babies.  they are actually more important than we realize.   now, i am going to stop working so that i can introduce stella to peas and retrieve a ball from behind a stone buddha for lincoln.  oh Lord.  he broke another vase.


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