sick babies.

i really don’t even know where to begin.  death, funerals, vacation, sick babies, taxes, bills, and on top of all that it’s still raining.  it’s been quite the month.  oh yeah, the store moved too.

lincoln and stella are sick.  no temperatures so nothing serious but i still feel horrid for them.  lincoln keeps pointing to his nose and going, “oowww…”  i put chicken broth in his sippy cup and he gave me a dirty look.  he laid on the couch all day with a bottle of warm honey water (thought it would soothe his throat).  anyone that knows lincoln knows that if he stops moving for an instant something is wrong.  let alone laying down all day long. 

poor stella is the happiest sick baby ever.  she lays on the ground grinning and beaming at anyone that walks by while yellowish green snot oozes from her nose.  she is also a bit unsettled though and you can tell she isn’t quite comfortable no matter what.  i covered both of them in baby vicks vapor rub and shoved all of us in the shower, dumped half a bottle of johnson’s baby vapor bubble bath in the bath tub and turned the shower on.  they baked in the minty steam until i saw crazy snot colors coming from their noses.  then comes the bulb.  which, oddly enough, both of them seem to really enjoy.  lincoln even trys to do it himself (astoundingly he even squeezes it just right, so perceptive that one).  and also trys to do it to me.  i like the bulb because it feels like the one thing i can DO.  i can suck the snot out, i can see my progress.  I KNOW i am making them feel better. 

then i cover them both again in baby vicks, massage it on their backs and chest and necks and put on their comfy-iest pjs and wrap them up tight and start the patting.   they go to sleep surprisingly easy (well, stella does) but they don’t stay asleep.  they are both restless.  just when i think they are down i hear lincoln moaning in his sleep.  i go in and pat him again.  take his temperature again.  93.5.  seems low.  i take mine. 94.  guess we are cold-blooded.  he feels hot so i take a blanket off (i had three on them, intent on sweating the infection out of them).  he stops moaning. 

this is a cold.  not the flu, not the chicken pox, not really anything serious.  i can’t imagine parents that are sitting in hospital waiting rooms. can’t imagine the worry and agony they are going through.    what’s their bulb?  dear God please never let  me know.


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