chinese water torture.

i once read that the chinese had a punishment where they would strap a person down and drip drops of water in their face over and over again.  it isn’t a painful procedure, but meant to make someone go insane.  this has become my nightly routine. 

for the past four days stella has been up ALL NIGHT LONG.  saturday night she was up all night, at one point even somehow undressed herself and then proceeded to scream because she was naked.  i wouldn’t mind if she just laid in her crib and babbled.  but she isn’t content doing that, she must have an audience.  so about every 15 min she screams.  sometimes every 8.  close enough together so that i don’t fall back asleep, but far enough apart that i start hoping i might be able to.  she should grow up to be a communist leader.  her ability to break down someone’s mental stability is amazing. 

honestly, i am not only going crazy because of the lack of sleep but also because i can’t figure out what’s wrong.  is she overtired? hungry? teething? constipated?  suddenly self aware? overtired, maybe.  hungry, doesn’t appear to be so.  teething? don’t see anything and tylenol didn’t help her sleep.  constipated? nope.  i am at a loss, and losing this battle of wills quickly.  while she can nap during the day i cannot.  the worst part is that she is overly cranky through out the day, probably due to the lack of sleep, so our nights are rough and then the days are filled with screaming.  it’s been rough to say the least.  not to mention that it’s tax time and i have been doing our taxes on little to no sleep.  let’s hope we get a friendly auditor.

we will end it with this- she better do one of three things in the next day or so:

1) sleep

2) grow a tooth

3) move out


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