“children living on the greek islands of crete rarely experience allergic reactions such as asthma, so reasearchers set out to see if their mediterranean diet might be the reason.  they looked at 690 kids ages 7 to 18.  a survey revealed that 80 percent of the children ate fresh fruit and 68 percent ate fresh vegetables at least twice a day.  further study showed a close relationship between the amount of fresh, locally grown grapes, oranges, apples, nuts, and tomatoes the children ate and how free they were of symptoms of asthma and nasal alleriges.  another study suggests that expectant mothers who follow a mediterranean diet during pregnancy may give their children the gift of long term health.  researchers tracked the health of 460 children on an  island in spain from brith to 6.5 years.  those whose mothers had eaten a high-quality diet during pregnancy proved less likely to experience wheezing and allergy syptoms.”  dr. james a duke, the healing foods.

this blog is meant to be a diary of our (mine, lincoln and stella’s)  journey of childhood.  their experiences and mine.  i realized today that food occupies A LOT of that time.  in fact, eating is one of the biggest focuses in babyhood and toddlerhood.  and it should be.  how you feed the baby, and what you feed the baby determines their future eating habits and relationship with food FOREVER.  that’s a big thing.  watch the biggest loser.  or that jillian show.  people in our country have serious food issues.  and food issues begin young. 

food and babies is such a vast topic it will probably cover numerous blogs, but i realized recently that it is an obsession of mine and i found it odd that i hadn’t written about something that consumes so much of my time with the babies.  i am constantly trying to find the best, healthiest, tastiest meals for the kids.  and anyone with a toddler knows, toddlers aren’t easy when it comes to food.  lincoln’s newest thing is not eating anything that is hot.  or warm.  or luke warm.  i have started to take his food and place it in the freezer for a couple seconds before i give it to him so that he won’t turn it away.

but i am getting off subject.  back to the mediterrean.  i found that particular segment of james duke’s book interesting for a couple reasons.  mainly because matt has been (and always has) battling allergies and asthma.  i know that asthma can be genetic so naturally it is something that worries me with the kids.  i want to be able to do anything i can to prevent it, if possible.  before even reading this, fruit makes up about 60 percent of lincoln and stella’s diet.  breakfast is always some form of fresh fruit and then either toast (with peanut butter or avocado) or granola.  fruit makes another appearance at lunch and for snacks.  always fresh and seasonal.  of course, getting babies to eat fruit isn’t that hard.  veggies are tougher. 

one of my big tricks is to blend veggies and put them in sauces.  not too inventive.  i am sure every mom of a toddler has done that.  but, to be honest, i chop up spinach and add it to just about everything the whole family eats.  i add it to homemade pizza, eggs, smoothies, all pasta dishes, basically anything and everything.  that way lincoln not only eats it on a daily basis, but he gets used to it.  the taste, the texture (i usually toss the leaves in whole or roughly chopped) the sight, etc.  i want pasta to look weird if it DOESN’T have leaves in it.  eggs with spinach and avocado are boring, a basic in his mind.  those are the type of food guidelines i am trying to set.  i know that no matter what i do, they will go through the ‘only white food’ stage or ‘only cold food’ stage.  my job then is to make sure that whatever food they will eat, is the best, healthiest food available. 

another wonderful aspect to baby meals is the mess.  that’s a whole other blog in itself.

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