back to the food topic.  breakfast is by far the easiet meal.  babies are happiest in the mornings, anything is welcomed because simply being awake is fun.  eating something is like icing on the cake.  i always offer some kind of fresh fruit.  then like previously stated usually toast.  avocado or peanut butter toast is a staple.  the peanut butter is great protein.  today we are having oatmeal with cinnamon and flax seed sprinkled in.  i would add blueberries but lincoln is on an anit-fruit IN his food kick.  seriously, it changes daily.  the focus on the breakfast this morning is the cinnamon. 

cinnamon is one of the most potent antioxidants out there.  it has an effect on blood sugar comparable to diabetes medication.  it helps lower cholesterol.  it has been said that it combats bacteria that causes acid reflux and ulcers.  obviously lincoln doesn’t have any of these issues yet, but eating such a healthy spice can’t hurt him.  and again, food right now is mainly about developing future eating habits.  i want him to accept cinnamon instead of heapings of sugar in his cereal or oatmeal.  if he learns that sugar is needed, he will ‘need’ it.  if he learns that it is a TREAT.  then he (hopefully) will look at it as such.  another great way to sweeten oatmeal for babies is to cut up a banana and cook the oatmeal with the banana in it.  the banana gets melty and sweet, and also helps hold the oatmeal together for those messy little spoon trips.

all that being said, this morning the oatmeal was denied because of the ‘temperature’.  it was, as i was told, “oooh hot hot hot.  oh no.  hot.”  so there you go.


4 thoughts on “breakfast.

  1. So tell me, how do you cook the oatmeal for the littles, and as for the avocado toast, do you just spread it on? I love avocados, but can’t get my kids to eat them, I think because of the texture by themselves. I will have to try this for Parker–big boys would balk at avocado toast. 🙂


    1. for the oatmeal i just use regular old oatmeal and add the water (i use water) and then slice a banana up in it and pop it in the microwave. sprinkle some flaxseed and cinnamon on top when it’s done and in lincoln’s case let it cool a long long time 🙂 avocados is one of the first foods i give them, i want to make sure they will eat them because we eat them on EVERYTHING. stella right now won’t eat it unless it’s on toast. for toast i just cut the avocado in half, slice strips down and then squeeze it out on top of the toast and smash and smear it down until it basically looks like green peanut butter. for eggs, i usually do scarmbled with cheese and ham and then slice avocado on top. but if you are making an omelet, avocado in the middle is nice because it gets kind of melty. maybe add some fresh chopped spinach and then tell them it’s “green eggs and ham” day. they go in and out of food so fast it’s insane. last week lincoln would eat two yoghurts a day, so i bought a HUGE case of them and now everytime i open one he goes, “oh no no, tay-ya” meaning hell no, i’m not eating that give it to stella.

  2. i do the same with the oatmeal. eva and brian and i eat it just about every day. we usually pick one fruit to throw in (lots of blueberries or strawberries or bananas) to make it sweet without sugar, with cinnamon and flax. but we also add wheat germ – lots of folate and vitamin e. i load up on both the wheat germ and flax. i like the texture. i also add walnuts to mine. omega-3’s baby!

    i also add wheat germ and flax to yogurt and fruit for eva’s snack for school. she loves it.

    1. we eat walnuts on/in everything and all the time. i get this amazing bread at the farmers market, sourdough with scallions and walnuts. amazing. walnuts has become lincoln’s new favorite snack, he and i eat them straight all afternoon.

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