eggs with spinach and tomatoes.

back to food.  i think i will be going back and forth between daily life and food updates. 

lincoln hasn’t been eating much lately, he goes in spurts and it seemed like he was in an “off”  spurt.  he is also teething, had a fever, and it’s been in the 90’s.  heat always takes away my appetite. 

however, this morning when i opened the fridge he pointed to the eggs so i decided since i had extra time today i would make him some. 

i started with simple scrambled eggs, three eggs, a dash of organic whole milk, some cracked black pepper and a pinch of sea salt.  i then chopped up a small tomato and a handful of fresh spinach.  once the eggs looked like basic scrambled eggs i threw in the tomatoes and spinach, flipped it all a bit until the spinach looked soft.  i then sprinkled in a cheese blend (romano/parm/asiago) from trader joes. 

it was delicious, lincoln appeared to have a slight aversion to the spinach (he kept picking out the leaves, but that’s not going to stop me from putting them in.  someday he will eat them, and at least seeing it won’t ever freak him out)  he was eating the tomatoes until half way through, then he suddenly stopped that as well.  toddlers.  you never know. 

thankfully eggs is his favorite meal and very easy to ‘add’ healthy ingredients too.  a great source of protein for am anti-meat toddler as well. 

now for the fun stuff:

eggs are high in protein and it’s recommended to include proteins of some sort in every snack and meal because proteins keep you full longer, along with all their other great qualities.

tomatoes are high in beta-carotenes and lycopenes, a carotenoid that protects your skin.  these antioxidants actually naturally protect the plant from the sunlight and that proctection extends to you when you eat them.  the lycopene settles onto the outer layer of your skin where the antioxidants then start repairing cell damage caused by the sun.  many fruits and veggies contain either beta-carotenes or lycopenes, but tomatoes contain BOTH.   tomatoes benefit doesn’t end there, they are known to prevent prostate cancer, lower heart disease, and lower blood pressure and strengthen heart muscle. 

spinach, well, honestly were do you start.  spinach has a multitude of benefits, it has iron, calcuim, chock full of magnesium (which is a mineral that relaxes the heart muscles and improves heart function. in fact when i was pregnant and had a high blood pressure reading i was advised to take magnesum tablets).

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