farmer’s market garlic cheese sandwich

this recipe is a variation from one i found in a recent better homes and garden.  very healthy and so delicious i crave it weekly and usually make it for mine and lincoln’s lunch on mondays.

i start with a fresh bread from the farmer’s market, i try to find one that is whole wheat and has walnuts baked into it.  i try to get walnuts into anything i can for the added omega 3’s.  slice off a couple pieces of bread and layer a cheese onto each half.  i used a garlic goat cheese also from the farmers market.  once you’ve tasted it you can’t stop thinking about it.  however, it’s $24 a lb so lincoln usuall gets colby cheese from trader joes 🙂 

once both bread halves are set up i pop them into the oven on broil, that way the cheese melts into the bread with having to use butter or oil or frying of any kind.  as soon as the cheese is melty, and maybe slightly burnt on the edges, pull it out.  i then add a few sliced tomatoes to both halves and pop it back into the broiler so that the tomatoes melt into the cheese and don’t slide off the sandwich when you try to eat it.  take it out and pile on the toppings.  i usually add spinach, avocado, and red onion.  simple.  ready in minutes and it’s the only cheese sandwich i have gotten lincoln to eat.

one of the reasons i splurge on the garlic goat cheese (besides the addictive taste) is the fact that there is garlic in it.  garlic (one of mine and matt’s favorite spices) is incredibly good for you.  it boosts heart helping qualities, boosts the immune system, and is a known antiseptic.  Onions share a lot of these traits so you are getting a double whammy with this sandwich.  garlic contains sulfur compounds which prevent clotting and promote smooth blood flow and recent research shows that garlic has several compounds that prevent cellular changes in the body that can end up leading to cancer.  and if that’s isn’t enough, it also repells mosquitoes.  i tested that personally while living in thailand, all you have to do is eat it.

*food info from the book “the healing food” by dr James A Duke  buy it and keep it in your kitchen!!


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