mad rush.

it’s been awhile since i posted.  life is busy.  the babies keep me busy.  once the day starts there isn’t time to sit down, or breathe.  we get up, rush through breakfast and coffee, usually take a couple group trips to the ptty (lincoln is beginning the potty training fun) hurridly get dressed and i shuffle them out the door.  through all this the house is torn apart, toast, cheerios, etc is spread all over the house.  toys are scattered.  stella is usually crying (or screaming) by the time we are leaving.  she doesn’t like to be rushed.  lincoln tries to bring half the house with him, every book, ball and truck that caught his eye that morning.  and my mom wonders why i always forget diapers.

once we get home from working at kuuma (job number one) life slows a little.  stella needs to nap (it’s usually the only one of the day she will take) and she sleeps from 9:30 to 10:30ish.  lincoln and i usually clean, or read, or do yoga, or water plants.  we relax.  it’s actually my only calm hour of the day when the babies are awake (well, one of them).  then once stella wakes up we begin the mad rush again, mainly because her sleeping has made us late for job number two (running the store).  we walk there everyday and it takes about 1/2 hr.  i usually have to speed walk since she is in the habit of sleeping til 10:45. 

once we get to the store life slows a tad again. only a tad though.  they start playing immediately, they seem to have missed all their toys even though they were only gone overnight.  i start preparing lunch for them and assist whatever customers wander in.  luckily mornings are usually slow at the store, it helps me get things ready and the babies taken care of.  after lunch they play a bit and then we make the slow transition into bed for nap time.  this used to be flawless, so easy.  lately it’s been a battle. lincoln is learning that he has control and that he doesn’t have to sleep is he doesn’t want to.  so we compromise, i ask him to just lay his head on the pillow.  he doesn’t have to sleep, just rest his head on the pillow.  lucky for me a tired boy can’t rest his head for too long without falling asleep 🙂  it’s nice being smarter than your kids.

the rest of the day is a blur, lots of playing.  blocks, house, coloring, catch.  we move the store around.  we talk at length to customers.  we clean.  and clean and clean.  and it’s still messy.  and then four comes and they start fussing (apparently someone told them we only work til four.  i never got that memo) and they fuss for the next hour until i finally give up and close the doors a few minutes early and head home.  they immediately quit fussing once they feel the wheels of the stroller going.  if i pause even for an instant to look in the window of another store or look at my phone i hear the whimpers start.  once we approach our street lincoln starts chanting, “ome, ome, ome” and once stella sees the gate to the back yard her face breaks into a smile.  they love coming home.  just as  much as they love seeing their toys at the store every morning. 

we play outside.  i water plants, stella studies leaves and shouts at birds.  lincoln finds and then loses every ball in the yard.  i start dinner.  they make their way inside (none of us is ever without one of the other two for very long at any given time during the day) and they play a bit more while i make dinner (which stella will devour and usually lick her fingers while lincoln will pick at it and then declare “no more! bye bye”).  baths, bed, books. 

that’s our day.  6am-7pm on constant non-stop motion. each day blends into the next.  weeks are marked by weekends with ‘big dad’.  suddenly lincoln’s pants are short and i’m buying size 12month pjs for stella.  who, by the way, is standing on her own.  saying “hi”, “up”, and “mama”.  lincoln has full blown conversations.  he builds block towers by keeping all the blues together, the greens together, the yellows, etc.  he is shockingly smart. 

the constant motion is exhausting.  the rushed mornings a pain in the neck.  but the only bad part of this life is that it’s going too fast.