life as we know it

well it’s been awhile since i’ve had a chance to write anything.  a lot has changed, matt has a new job and a new schedule, we are expecting number three (will make for 3 under 3), fall is here (though it’s hotter than hell right now-thanks bay area), and lincoln is a walking, talking parrot.  the kid will repeat anything he hears, and i mean anything so all i can say is WATCH OUT!

these two have gotten easier which brings me to the conclusion that two toddlers are easier than two babies.  lincoln has hit the two’s full force and we are attempting to work on manners. he spent a day shouting at customer, “are you kidding me?!”  pleases, thank yous, excuse mes.  i just don’t want to have one of those kids.  you know what kind i am talking about.  i want these guys to be polite and respectful. 

after the birthday extravaganza (days spent with lincoln singing, “happy birthday to my cake” at the top of his lungs and talks of balloons and new toys) we are moving onto the hoidays.  i think ‘events’ are more fun when the kids know what is going on so i do my best to educate them on what’s coming up.  we’ve been talking a lot about ‘Christmas’ and lincoln the other day asked if we could go get our “christmastime  tree”.  he then pointed outside to the oak tree in our yard and said, “oh there’s our christmastime tree”. can’t wait to actually take him tree shopping this year. 

i still need to have more patience, but with these two i suppose i do the best i can. after lincoln went bersek at a playdate last week another mom said, “man i hope i have the patience you do when i have more than one child”.  i wanted to laugh.  most days i don’t even know what patience feels like.


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