so i found another mama blog and though it makes me laugh, it also annoys the crap out me.  one of my biggest pet peeves is when stay at home moms whine about how hard raising kids are and then in the next sentence talk about their nannies/day cares, maids,  and dvd players.  seriously, a stay at home mom that drops her kids off at a day care so she can play tennis or go to the movies? that’s NOT A ROUGH LIFE. 

and another thing i don’t get is the dvd player in the car (with earphones so mommy doesn’t even have to LISTEN to the crap she’s playing for the baby).  i have two kids.  i’ve been there.  the screaming in the car.  the fighting, the whining.  the ‘crap shouldn’t have made that last stop’ moment.  i’ve rolled the windows down so that the cars next to me can hear my pain.  what i pledge not to do (ever!) is plug them into a movie for a 15 min drive from the store and back.  or to school.  or after school.  aren’t you supposed to talk to your kids? spend time with them? wouldn’t drives to and from soccer practice and to home after school be one of those few quality times?  quiet time in the car to talk about the day? what’s on the radio? what happened at school/soccer/the store/church/etc.  why are we plugging our kids into so many things except for ourselves?

i get it, kids can be hard and kids can be annoying.  but they’re kids.  they need interaction with us.  when they are the most annoying and at the hardest state is probably when they need us the most.  they don’t need buzz and woody.  i know i am still in my infancy of motherhood (oldest being two).  but i cringe when i hear moms say “Thank goodness school is starting.”  i dread the day.  even on our worst day.  our hardest day.  i dread the day we separate for more than an hour.  maybe that thought will change.  but i know, KNOW, that when i pick them up from school the only thing i want them to see and hear is me and my voice.


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