spring cleaning.

haven’t written in a really really long time.  i underestimated how busy i would be with two toddlers, pregnant, and a store during the holidays.  life has been a little hetic the past few months. 

christmas was great.  lincoln was so excited about everything.  he loved the christmas trees, the ornaments, the presents.  he still asks for things for christmastime.  he asked if stella could have more dinner for “christmastime”.  he seemed sad when we took the tree down, i think he thought it was going to stay up forever as part of our living room.  he seems to adjust to change rather well, he accepts things pretty quickly and moves on.  though, never losing his excitement for life.  a very nice quality.

lincoln in general has gotten pretty fun.  he is talking up a storm and has a huge vocabulary.  he can tell you just about anything, about anything.  conversations with him are priceless.  I have most things written down in another book.  he is a very happy child and the tantrums have dwindled to an all time low.  now we just have to work on potty training and fully losing grip on the bottle (that’s my fault). 

stella has gotten hilarious.  she is still very opposite of lincoln.  still more quiet to his energy.  but she holds her own in mischief.  climbs everything she sees.  loves books.  still loves to sleep.  she has a big girl bed and her own room now.  still getting up 2-3 times a night (mainly after 4/5am).  she talks ALL THE TIME but i can’t understand much of it.  most of it seems like her own little language.  she does say a  lot of phrases, “have this, want some, get down”  when she wants to be picked up or helped down she holds her hands out, wrists together fingers splayed.  elbows together.   it’s so cute.  melts my heart.  I am trying to soak up her baby-ness.  I know it won’t be there for long, and not because her little brother is coming, but just because it melts so fast anyway.  she already has lost much of her baby chub.  makes me sad.  i wish for them to remain little for longer.

they play so well together, have so much fun together.  it’s fun to watch them, and so nice to be able to live life a little more normally.  i brought them both out to a resteraunt the other day by myself without even thinking about it. normally that would have been a high stress situation.  maybe i’m just getting more patient. 

been spring cleaning the house even though it’s still the middle of winter (though you wouldn’t know if from the weather).  trying to get everything set up for the new baby.  trying to get the house rid of all the extra waste.  life has felt very relaxed lately, peaceful.  looking forward to the next two and a half months of ‘preparation’ before another wave of chaos hits.

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