spring ahead

our day begins at about 5:30 or so.  sometimes earlier, never later.  stella usually starts fussing and no matter how many times i try to convince her it’s still night i know we are all up for good.  her fussing usually wakes lincoln, even from her new bedroom down the hall.  so then he gets up, runs to matt’s side of the bed since he knows i will make him go back to his room.  after pretending that they aren’t both fully awake for about half an hour, matt finally gets up with them both.  changes their diapers, fixes breakfast and, Lord bless him, lets me sleep til 8.  those two hours keep me sane. 

from there our days rarely differ from each other.  if it’s a tues or wed matt usually is at home and stays with one of them while i go to work and bring the other.  thurs and fri we go to the store as a trio.  sat is a day and tootsie’s, sunday and mondays are days with mommy.  it’s a nice little schedule and routine (if only we could break that 5:30 habit).

lincoln is just shy of 2.5 years.  he’s a great big brother, getting very helpful and very patient.  not a usual quality you find in a two year old.  he has his moments, but we all do….

stella is about 16 months.  she is becoming social, finally 😉 she is very very talkative and i am starting to be able to dechiper some words, some are still her own personal language.  she is slightly beginning to protest bedtime, i just stop going back in to her.  still wakes up a couple times a night for some more milk, think i will have to brave it out and stop going in for that.  she is VERY strong willed and very stubborn so that should be fun.  hence why i keep putting it off.  she has become very cuddly lately, wanting to spend a lot of time nose to nose and lips to lips while she giggles and hums.  would be more fun if her face wasn’t constantly covered in snot and peanut butter.  hahaha.   

even though i know life is going to be crazy and i will be DEATHLY tired, i am getting excited for this little guy to come.  about two more months left.  part of me thinks, ” how much crazier can life get?”  and then the other half shudders and thinks i better not tempt fate.  it can always get crazier.  fingers crossed we get a sleeper this time!


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