sweet as honey garden party

my sister is expecting her first baby on December 17th.  I of course wanted to throw her the best baby shower this side of the Mississippi.  She asked for a garden party, classic summer BBQ style and I went from there.  I threw in the bumblebee aspect because her husband’s parents happen to be bee keepers.  I’ve always thought that was cool and when they found out it was a girl, it was set in stone.  The Queen Bee MUST have a party.  Here are some photos of the day:


The shower was more geared to a family gathering than it was girls playing games about babies.  My husband slow smoked a pork shoulder for 7 hours for the entree of BBQ pork sandwiches with a homemade sauce.  The rest of the menu was classic BBQ.  Corn on the cob, watermelon, fruits and veggies, classic potato salad and chips.  Chocolate bumblebee cake and chocolate mint pudding cups for dessert, as well as an ice cream cake.  Honey sticks were the party favor, simple and sweet.  Hopefully just like the new baby 🙂

three’s a crowd

life is crazy right now, but not nearly as crazy as I thought it’d be.  three under three isn’t that bad.  maybe it is and we just don’t notice because having babies in every corner of the house crying is normal to us.  our version of normal.

our version of normal is toddler-ville.  toys everywhere, screams, laughs, lots of running, food everywhere, lots of naked-ness, pacifiers (ban-yeas), books, trains, pixar films, no wanting to get dressed, milk calls in the middle of the night, 20 min to get out the door, bedtime battles, tons and tons and tons of laundry.

i’ve come to realize one thing.  babies are easy.  so freaking easy.  you have to get up at night? they cry? that’s about it.  they don’t move and they like to cuddle.  they are cute.  they are rarely sticky and wiping their nose on you.  well….that last one isn’t so true.

toddlers aren’t so easy.  i feel like i’ve been coasting through work and suddenly i have a new boss.  one that pays attention to every detail.  suddenly I have to step up my game.  manners, respect, colors, ABCs, riding a bike, being nice to your sister, sharing, oh so much to teach and learn.  and to clean.  as I speak stella is emptying every drawer in the kitchen (paying most attention to the pots and pans, oye-the noise levels in this house are deafening).

we don’t go anywhere very often because bringing all three is like traveling with a circus.  they are loud, wild, sticky and people stare at us.  so we stay home.  it’s easy to manage our chaos in under our own tent.  and I’m ok with the not going anywhere.  there will be plenty of time for dinner parties or movies.  someday there won’t be three snoring babies in cribs.  there won’t be someone waking us up at 6:30 asking for just a tiny cup of milk.

but I know that the years to come will bring even more challenges.  some I dread (the teenage years) and others I look forward to (the teenage years).  I will have to send them to school.  that will make me cry.  they will get their feelings hurt at some point, and that will make me cry.  we will move on from learning how to ride a bike to learning how to drive a car.  from ABCs to SATs.

so I try to treasure every moment of toddlerville.  because he’s only two for a year.  and that’s not long enough.