happy hour.

my feet are stained with dirt from the park.  I love hitting the park on the way home from work.  It’s like the toddler version of happy hour.  and it’s not too far off from the adult version.  drunks and toddlers both slur and drool.  they trip.  they bash their heads into things and appear not to feel it.  they love to spin.  they cry randomly, for no apparent reason.

today’s happy hour was pretty fun.  I chased lincoln and stella all around the playground.  down the slides, over the bridges, while holding jack in my arms.  another mom told me that Jack was beaming the whole time.  lincoln and stella squealed louder than a drunk at a juke box.

the baseball team was starting a game when we headed home.  it brought back memories of when lincoln and stella were little and we used to watch the friday night games after work.  memories that seem so distant but were only barely two years ago.  I can imagine I will be watching Lincoln on that field in a blink.

as we were walking home the sun was setting.  it had gotten cool, sweatshirt weather.  the sky was pink.  perfect evening.  I hope this weather stays.  I hope park happy hours are back into our routine.  I hope the friday night games start up and we can waste the nights away watching the boys hit balls.  I hope these years last as long as possible.


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