ok, I can’t take it anymore.  for the past month Jack has been crazy fussy, only wanting to be held and nurse ALL DAY LONG.  it’s more than slightly annoying, and it’s not good for him.  instead of playing and learning, and discovering, he’s clinging to my legs crying.  not good.  for anyone.  makes a momma snap.  and it’s making me hate breastfeeding.  which is not good.  I know what the issue is.  he’s tired.  and so he’s cranky.  and what does he do when he’s feeling sub par?  nurse.  SO……starting tonight there are no more night feedings.  nada.  the boy needs his sleep.  no more getting up every two hours.  I will not entertain getting up that creates a crabby, crying baby come morning.  this is gonna be hard for me, I don’t deal well with crying at night.  but we are not in a good spot mentally so a change needs to come.


I bake on sundays.  I make the food for the week, the snacks, the breakfasts, the lunches. I try to make a yummy sweet bread (that I stock full of flax seed, chia seeds, shredded veggies, and anything else I can imagine shoving in a bread).  however, this week, I was limited in my baking.  we were out of eggs.  and yeah, I could have gone to get some.  there’s a grocery store 5 blocks away.  but…..I have three kids.  and three carseats.  and I like being in my pajamas.  so instead I just googled recipes until I found something that I had all the ingredients for.  and that’s how we ended up with whole wheat soft pretzels as our lunch/snacks for the week.    I can’t take credit for the recipe, found it by a simple google search.  however, I did add the lovely chia seeds.  my little injection of health.  they are pretty healthy though.  whole wheat flour, yeast, some salt, olive oil, a little sugar.  we’ll see if they pass the Stella test.