I bake on sundays.  I make the food for the week, the snacks, the breakfasts, the lunches. I try to make a yummy sweet bread (that I stock full of flax seed, chia seeds, shredded veggies, and anything else I can imagine shoving in a bread).  however, this week, I was limited in my baking.  we were out of eggs.  and yeah, I could have gone to get some.  there’s a grocery store 5 blocks away.  but…..I have three kids.  and three carseats.  and I like being in my pajamas.  so instead I just googled recipes until I found something that I had all the ingredients for.  and that’s how we ended up with whole wheat soft pretzels as our lunch/snacks for the week.    I can’t take credit for the recipe, found it by a simple google search.  however, I did add the lovely chia seeds.  my little injection of health.  they are pretty healthy though.  whole wheat flour, yeast, some salt, olive oil, a little sugar.  we’ll see if they pass the Stella test.

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