Three and Four.

We celebrated two birthdays this week.  Thing One and Thing Two turned Four and turned Three.  For anyone that missed the beginning of their story, they have back to back birthday.  They are a year and a day apart.  Technically a year and 12 hrs apart.  I’ve always been punctual.

Anyway, every year it’s a little crazy when September hits.  Parties!  gifts!  cakes!  everything times two.  They don’t know any different and in a way it’s nice that the sibling rivalry of birthdays, the jealousy of the gifts and the attention, doesn’t last long…..because as soon as one birthday ends, the other BEGINS!  This year I actually felt the worse for Jack, who got no gifts and was promptly WHACKED every time he tried to touch a new present.

Birthdays are bittersweet.  Lincoln is FOUR.  Man on man.  How did that happen….I have to say I enjoy him more now than as a baby.  I’d love to go back and cuddle and hug Little Lincoln again, but 9 times out of 10 I’d choose to spend my afternoon with Current Lincoln.  He’s a pretty funny guy.

Now Stella.  She’s been hard.  She was a challenge as a baby, and as a toddler.  I’m hoping Three is kind to us.  All of us.  Don’t get me wrong, she is the Queen of the Castle.  She is the Love of our Lives.  But she also brings us to our knees daily.  in prayer.  Dear God, Save us from the Queen.  Teacher Carla told me today, in amazement, that she was very impressed at how well Stella will sit and look at books and make up stories to herself.  But yet, doesn’t want to participate with the classroom activities.  We talk about feelings.  We talk about talking.  Maybe someday she will comply.  She makes me think about that movie, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.”  She’s like the horse that you can’t tame.  ‘They’ say it’s a good thing, a strong will.  We will see…..

Anyway, there aren’t words for the birthdays, so I will do what I do best and just give you photos.   It was a great weekend, great parties.  Zoo Brunch on Saturday, Football Party on kicked off on Sunday.  Seeing how much Stella loved having her own party made me realize that separate parties are a must.