“go fast”

i’m not a very good blogger.  i guess with two kids under two, two jobs, and a cat (she causes more problems than you would think) i don’t have much time for anything else. 

life has been good.  we have a nice system and routine down.  stella is very mobile, walking wonderfully and becoming quite a little person.  she talks a lot, mimics even more and loves LOVES dolls.  she also has a bit of a temper.  just try taking something from her, i dare you.  the legs start kicking, the arms flailing, and her screeches reach a pitch only animals can hear.  lincoln and i ignore it.  and i still take the item away.  she’s been having a bit of an issue with sleep but an earlier bedtim seems to have solved that.  she now goes to bed at 6 and lincoln is allowed to stay up til 7. 

she is still a very happy baby, at the store she hangs out under the table and giggles.  lincoln plays “get stella” and she laughs and laughs.  he also plays “go fast!” where he practices his running back and forth throughout the store.  it’s quite humerous to watch him check himself out in the mirror while he runs by.  he has become quite the conversationalist. 

they both have birthdays next month, something lincoln and i have been talking a bit about.  i want him to know what’s going on, want him to realize it’s all about him (and stella).  he appears quizzical whenever i bring up the topic, holding up two fingers and saying, “twooo?”  then he goes, “box?” meaning, ‘can i finally get that box on top of the fridge?’  i purposedly let him see the toy before i set it on top of the fridge (with the box visable from the ground) so that he would know it’s his but he has to wait for this magical thing called “birthday”. 

his other favorite thing to do (other than run fast) is sing ABC’S or the Wheels on the Bus.  He will say, “wheel?” or “c’s?”  he attempts to sing ABC’s which is so cute and funny it almost hurts.  at naptime the only way i can get him to finally settle down and go to sleep is to sing ABC’s in his ear.  He still insists on having your face pressed tightly to his while laying down, usually cheek to cheek, nose to nose while he drifts off.