conversations with a toddler.

it makes me laugh now that i was ever worried about lincoln talking.  now he won’t stop.  sometimes he gets so excited he sounds like a stuck record, “base, base, base ball! baseball bat! baseball moov!!!” he narrated pretty much whatever he is doing or even looking at.  as i type this he stood there holding a baseball and saying, “baseball! new baseball! hit baseball (paused to hit the ball and then..) BIG HIT! my big hit! hit that way.  hit fence!”   he then got distracted by his thumb (by giving himself a thumbs up for the big hit) and starting in with, “thumb.  thumb. thumb.” he usually repeats it until you  also say the word and confirm that you agree, it’s his thumb.

i find his conversations fascinating.  it astounds me how complex they are and how much he remembers and can explain.  when he hits his baseball under the deck he immediately starts going, “oh man! baseball gone! ma broom!! ” and runs to get me the broom to ‘fish’ the baseball back out from under the deck.

i get those babycenter updates every week that tells parents ‘what their kids are doing now’ and i laugh when i read them.  i think they must be written to make parents feel good.  lincoln’s last update said that children his age might be able to put words together.  uh yeah.  we’ve hit that milestone.  he doesn’t just put words together in sentences, he does paragraphs.  stories.  memories.  he can tell you about his day at the beach yesterday with matt.  a lot of this i attribute matt as well.  matt always plays the ‘memory game’ with him.  whenever they do anything matt asks him a million questions about it.  then waits a couple hours and ask more questions.  might show a picture or two to jog his memory (thank goodness i have a picture taking problem and take about 200 a day).  

right now lincoln is sitting next to me drawing (after demanding i turn on the news and being denied “watch new? watch new!)  he just asked if he could “draw tabe?” and then informed he that was going to “eat draw” as he bite a crayon.  most of his conversations are hilarious and leave me shaking my head.  but for the most part i love the fact that we can communicate.  at dinner last night he requested, “mowr mumk (milk)” and i got it for him.  probably seems simple, but a year ago that would have been a scream session.  him crying and me trying to figure out what in the heck he wanted. 

as i am writing this i am trying to sneak snickerdoodle cookies so that Mr Observant doesn’t notice.  suddenly he is behind me saying, “cook? me? me eat cook?” and pointing to my hidden pile.  i really can’t sneak anything past him anymore.  he has been enlightened in more ways than one.