your last toothless smile

your last toothless smile

jacky boy,

this month you grew your first two teeth. it’s debatable who it was more painful for (you or me). you started crawling. you move slowly like a robot, but you make your way all around the store. you will chase a ball for hours. you aren’t sleeping well (come on buddy, help a momma out!) you love blueberry mash, cheerios, and your brother and sister. you are about 22 lbs.

7 months.

“are you scare-ed?” -stella stibbs

halloween is over.  much anticipated.  even more fun.  the best thing about kids is getting to relive childhood again.  i haven’t been trick or treating since junior high.  one of my first memories is pulling on snow boots (yep, so much I don’t miss about the mid west) and going trick or treating in the dark with my dad and brother.

we took lincoln and stella trick or treating for the first time and they LOVED it.  lincoln was a pro, of course.  ran up  to the houses, took his piece of candy, politely said “fanks!” and ran on.  he was in HEAVEN!  he was having more fun than I have probably ever seen him have.  that energy, that joy, you can’t ever reproduce that.  those memories are priceless.

stella was so cute.  she was so tiny, people kept asking how old she was.  she caught on quick though.  ran down the street shouting, “get mo tandy!!” she kept asking people if they were scare-ed.  she would go up to really scary people and start laughing.  it was hilarious.

on the cusp of jack getting older and realizing that our ‘babies’ are almost no longer, i’ve been a little sad and nostalgic.  halloween hammered home one fact, the fun is just beginning.  as I discover these kids deeper and deeper and live through their eyes, it opens up an entire new world. another realm of their life.  with the same excitement as lincoln had running from house to house, I embrace this new ‘era’.  thanks guys, for making this life so fun.  here are some pics of their first trick or treating night!